New Erlang package for small devices: erlang-mini

We’re pleased to announce the availability of erlang-mini, a minimal version of the Erlang packages that we distribute on our downloads page, designed specifically with embedded devices in mind (no GUI related dependencies etc, weighing in under 20 megabytes).

Installing erlang-mini on a freshly imaged Raspberry Pi or a Parallella board is a very simple processes. Using your favourite text editor, add the following line to your /etc/apt/sources.list

For Raspberry Pi:

deb wheezy contrib

For Parallella:

deb oneiric contrib

Import the Erlang Solutions public key:


sudo apt-key add erlang_solutions.asc && rm erlang_solutions.asc

Update the package database:

sudo apt-get update

Install erlang-mini:

sudo apt-get install erlang-mini

Finally, test your installation by running the Erlang shell using erl.

Happy hacking and do get in touch if you run into any problems!

12 thoughts on “New Erlang package for small devices: erlang-mini

    • Hi Alexei, we’re currently targeting Debian based Linux distributions but might release similar minimal packages for others if there is enough interest.

    • I am guessing this is related to our Parallella Vision demo.

      We used Logitech C270 HD webcams with OpenCV driving them. Have a look at the repository for example code.

  1. Great work. I managed to create a cluster from BeagleBone, RaspberryPi, and my laptop. It works great. Thanks for Your effort!

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