Episode 2 – Concurrent Blinkenlights!

We published a new episode of our Erlang Embedded video series a couple of days ago. Here it is, in its full glory:

(bonus behind-the-scenes tweet)

So what is the significance of a few flashing lights?

Instead of directly bashing bits and twiddling registers in a ‘main’ loop, we are representing each LED connected to the Raspberry Pi as an Erlang process. This means that we can send messages to it and provide a nice, high-level abstraction. We feel that representing peripherals within the system to act as a process (or a set of processes) and using those processes as compositional units is an interesting way to go about developing embedded applications. We will be exploring it in greater detail on our future videos, stay tuned!

(Grab a copy of the code used in this video here and let us know if you end up doing something cool with it or have an idea for our next videos.)

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